Monday, 25th May, 2015
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List of Industries under "Ordinary Red" category

  1. Acid slurry (sulphonation)
  2. Bitumen processing and products
  3. Bone Mill
  4. Briquetting of manganese ore using hydrated lime & molasses.
  5. Cement grinding (including coal fired drier)
  6. Ceramic colour manufacturing (using boiler)
  7. Citronella oil (herbal aromatic chemical) manufacturing.
  8. Cleaning / washing of old PVC & MS drums using mineral turpine oil, kerosene oil & water
  9. Coal Bed methane exploration
  10. Composite woollen mill including dewaxing of raw wool and raw silk
  11. Crushing of ferro-manganese slag lumps
  12. Dairy and dairy products (integrated project, capital investment on plant & machinery >Rs.1 crore)
  13. Drilling fluid, polymeric dispersants, paper de-inking products, defoamer
  14. Dry coal processing/Mineral processing industries like ore sintering, pelletization, grinding and pulverisation etc.
  15. Earthen potteries & tile manufacturing (using coal or wood fired kiln)
  16. Electric lamp (bulb) manufacturing (large scale)
  17. Enamelled Copper Wire
  18. Fertilizer (formulation and granulation only) with coal fired boiler / furnace
  19. Fibre glass and glass wool, rock wool production
  20. Filling / refilling of CO2 gas
  21. Food, food color & food processing including fruits & vegetable processing (with capital investment on plant & machinery > Rs. 1 crore)
  22. Glue (excluding glue from starch), gelatine and synthetic adhesives
  23. Gold and Silver smithy (purification with acid, smelting operation and sulfuric acid polishing operation) (using more than 1 litre of Sulphuric Acid / Nitric Acid per month)
  24. Graphite Powder from graphite granules, flakes and lumps
  25. Grinding of rice husk, ground nut, soya waste, coconut shell
  26. Handicrafts products like terracotta work, sculptures (plaster of paris & fibre glass)
  27. Health care establishment
  28. Heat treatment using coal & wood fired furnace (excluding cyaniding)
  29. Hydrazine sulphate manufacturing
  30. Industrial carbon including electrodes and graphite blocks, activated carbon, carbon black etc.
  31. Intravenous Fluid Manufacturing
  32. Jute batching oil & oil in sizing in paper industries from waste vegetable oil
  33. Jute processing with dyeing
  34. Lime manufacturing
  35. Lubricating oils, greases or petroleum based products (excluding blending at normal temperature)
  36. Magnesium sulphate
  37. Manufacturing & reprocessing of PVC granules and manufacturing of reprocessed PVC products
  38. Manufacturing and/or Storage of Industrial or inorganic gases (excluding medical oxygen)
  39. Manufacturing of bio-diesel from vegetable oil by transesterification process.
  40. Manufacturing of biological research reagents enzymes and polyclonal antibodies
  41. Manufacturing of mica based electrical insulating products using thinners/solvents
  42. Manufacturing of optical lenses (using furnace other than electric furnace)
  43. Manufacturing of pasted veneers using boiler or Thermic Fluid Heater
  44. Manufacturing of safety match
  45. Manufacturing of silica gel with furnace
  46. Manufacturing of toothpowder, toothpaste, talcum powder and other cosmetic items (large & medium scale)
  47. Manufacturing of umbrella (including manufacturing of metallic handle and sticks)
  48. Manufacturing of woolen blanket from woolen fibre
  49. Oil & Gas extraction including CBM(offshore & onshore extraction through drilling wells)
  50. Photographic films and chemicals
  51. Plyboard manufacturing (including vineer & laminate) with coal or waste wood fired boiler / thermic fluid heater (with captive resin manufacturing plant)
  52. Processing of animal hoofs, horns and other body parts
  53. Processing of sodium silicofluoride/sodium fluorosilicate
  54. Reclamation of rubber, manufacture of rubber solution containing mineral naptha & rubber wastes, rubber based adhesives, industrial adhesives using parafin wax & resin powder (for polishing leather goods, shoes etc.)
  55. Refractories
  56. Repacking of laboratory chemicals, pathological reagents in solid & liquid form
  57. Rubber goods industry (with boiler)
  58. Shellac processing
  59. Spice grinding (> 20 HP motor)
  60. Starch production using husk fired boiler
  61. Stone crushing
  62. Storage and distribution of LPG cylinders
  63. Straw board, gray board, duplex board and paper manufacturing by hydropulping and with or without using boiler
  64. Surgical and medical products involving prophylactics and latex
  65. Synthetic detergent (excluding formulation) and soap (with steam boiling)
  66. Testing of animals like rats, mice, guinea pig etc. for research activities (req. authorization as per Bio-medical waste (M&H) Rules, 1998 and its amendment thereafter)
  67. Thermocol Manufacturing (With Boiler)
  68. Tyres and tubes vulcanization/hot retreading (using coal fired boiler)/moulding
  69. Versatile master batch / polymer compound using talc, calcite, pigment, additives, polymer etc. as raw material, rigid PVC pipe manufacturing
  70. Viscose/polyester coated brass glass yarn
  71. Wood charcoal manufacturing and processing


 Siting policy for "Ordinary Red" category industries:


Industries mentioned in the list of Ordinary Red category cannot be permitted in Municipal areas falling under Kolkata Metropolitan Area (KMA). These can however be set up beyond the Municipal areas of KMA with adequate pollution abatement system subject to site clearance by local bodies.

However, for the following category of industries, the consideration for siting in KMA will be location specific and will be decided by the Board.

  • Health care establishment